The Venue

The South African Field Target Airgun Association is proud to have partnered with Kommandonek Resort on the banks of the Hartbeespoort dam as the venue for the event.

The event will run for five days, with registration and daily administration taking place in a central lapa. Around this lapa is more than adequate space for stalls and booths for sponsors to display and sell products, with full access to all competitors and spectators.

The practice and sight-in range will also be in close proximity. There will be full course access for spectators and sponsors to experience the action live.

When will the competition take place?

WFTF 2023 will be held over 5 days, in August 2023. The first day of the event will be used for sign-in and zeroing. The opening ceremony will be held on that evening as well. The next three days (Thursday to Saturday), will be used for the competition on the three 50-shot courses, and the closing and awards ceremony will take place on the evening of the last competition day.

22 Aug - Equipment Check

23 Aug - Sight-in and Welcoming Dinner

24, 25 and 26 Aug - The competition

27 Aug - Awards ceremony.

It is the end of winter and minimum evening temperatures are 5-8⁰C up to 25-28⁰C in the day. We have limited daylight hours at this time of year, from sunrise at 6.30 am to sunset at 5.30 pm so we will only have one session with a maximum of 300 shooters. With all the on-site amenities and activities we anticipate there will be plenty to keep everyone occupied in or out of the competition.

How much will it cost?

Entry to the competition will be R 3500 per competitor and R 1500 for a team. This will include a seat at the closing / awards ceremony for the competitor. Also included is a bean bag fill.

Entry to the opening ceremony will be optional but will incur an additional fee.

How do I enter?

All shooters will need to contact their Representative Governing Body (RGB) so they can process your registration and payment for you. We will not be accepting direct registration from individual international competitors.

When do I have to pay for my registration?

WFTF 2023 will require payment to reserve a registration so you should expect to make payment at the same time as you make your registration.

What happens if I cancel my registration?

No refunds will be issued for cancellation or non-attendance. The organisation who made your reservation may be able to organize another competitor to take your place or they may be able to pay for sundry items with your credit, but that is up to them.

When does registration open?

1st of February 2023

Registration will remain open for anyone who wishes to enter – please contact your local RGB to arrange for entry.

Terms and Conditions – WFTC 2023

By proceeding to enter the competition you consent to having read and understanding the Terms and Conditions of WFTF 2023